Ephemera of Claude Delaval Cobham

Claude Delaval Cobham (1842–1915) matriculated from University College in 1861, and took a Third in Literae Humaniores in 1865.

He became a diplomat, and was Commissioner of the District of Larnaca in 1879–1907. He also published several books about Cyprus, as well as a bibliography of works written in the Venetian dialect (1875) and a book about the Patriarchs of Constantinople (1911). In 2005 University College acquired a volume of pamphlets which he had collected and bound, mainly connected with the question of university reform, within which were some loose papers. These were transferred to the archives in May 2006 as Accession No. 668. The volume now bears the shelfmark KCA/COB, and is stored in the College Library.

Catalogued in May 2006.


UC:P242/X1/1    Dec 1862
        College Regulations from University College dated December 1862. This is one of the earliest sets of College regulations to survive.

UC:P242/X1/2    n.d. (c. 1861–5?)
        University College Kitchen Tariff. This is undated, but presumably dates from Cobham’s time at Oxford.


UC:P242/N1/1–3    Jul 1865
        Three newspaper cuttings, one from the Guardian, the other others from unknown papers, which record W. E. Gladstone’s losing his seat at Oxford University in the election of 1865.

UC:P242/N1/4    after 23 Mar 1869
        Cutting from an unknown newspaper, recording the votes cast in the House of Commons for and against the Irish Church Bill.

UC:P242/N1/5    before 12 Jun 1872
        Cutting from an unknown newspaper announcing a dinner at University College. Although it is not described as such, this is the famous “Millenary” Dinner.

UC:P242/N1/6    before 8 Jan 1902
        Cutting from an unknown newspaper concerning the manuscripts and unpublished work of the late E. J. W. Gibb, an orientalist.