Edgar Frederick Carritt (Fellow 1898-1945)

Edgar Frederick Carritt (1876–1964) was an undergraduate at Hertford College, where he got a First in Classics in 1898.

In the same year, he was elected Fellow and Praelector in Philosophy of University College, a post he held until his retirement in 1945. He was widely respected as a tutor, but also published works on ethics, morals and aesthetics. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1945, and became an Emeritus Fellow of University College. There is an obituary of Carritt in University College Record Vol. IV no. 4 (1964), pp. 235–43.

Of the documents in the archives relating to Carritt, UC:S20/MS1/1–2 were found there during the stocktaking of 1993, and UC:S20/P1/1–4 were found by Carritt’s grandson Jonathan who presented them to the College in January 2012 as Accession No. 997.


These papers were found in an envelope addressed to Carritt and postmarked 1 Jun 1915. On it has been written “L’affaire Conybeare 1915 Tacendum.” It is presumed that Carritt received MS1/1 in this envelope, and then wrote his comments on the document in MS1/2.
    Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare (1856–1924) matriculated at University College in 1875, and was elected a Scholar that same year. In 1880 he was then elected a Fellow, a post he held until he resigned in December 1887, when thanks to private means, he was able to support himself in a life of study, specialising in Armenian scholarship. He was elected an Honorary Fellow of University College in 1915.

UC:S20/MS1/1    c.1915
Typescript containing an article from the Boston Evening Transcript of 5 May 1915, containing an extract from an article “The German Viewpoint” by Dr. Edmund von Mach which contains a transcript of a letter from F. C. Conybeare, in which he blamed Sir Edward Grey (the then Foreign Secretary) for the outbreak of the First World War, and urged President Woodrow Wilson to intervene to make peace.

UC:S20/MS1/2    c.1915
MS notes (in Carritt’s hand?) on Conybeare’s letter as transcribed in MS1/1 above. The writer is on the whole critical of Conybeare’s arguments.


UC:S20/P1/1–4    n.d. (c. 1902–10?)
        Four etchings of University College by Charles O. Murray, preserved in a portfolio with the printed titled Etchings of University College, Oxford, by Charles O. Murray, F. R. E. The etchings all measure 340 by 440 mm, and depict the following views:
        P1/1: “The Second Quadrangle” (view of the Radcliffe Quadrangle, facing northwards with view of statue of Radcliffe).
        P1/2: “Front from the High St.” (view of the High Street frontage of the College, seen from the entrance to Logic Lane looking westwards).
        P1/3: “The Common Room” (view of the fireplace in the Summer Common Room, with the panelling transferred from “University Hall”).
        P1/4: “The Chapel (view of the Chapel facing west).
        The etchings are published by W. H. Benyon, of Cheltenham, and are undated. However, the panelling from University Hall was moved to the Summer Common Room in about 1901, and the general appearance of the pictures suggests a date before 1914.  Charles Murray himself died in 1924.