Degree Days

When students have successfully completed their degree course they are eligible to supplicate for their degree. Members of the College are recommended to take their degree within a year of completing as having the official certification may be important when seeking employment. University College has several degree days throughout the year. Degrees are not automatically conferred at the end of the course so students need to apply for one of the dates. There are two main ways to apply depending on the type of student you are:


Current students: If you are currently reading for your degree, in the last year of your degree you will receive an email invitation from the Degree Conferrals office that allows you to sign up for a degree ceremony online. DPhil students receive this invitation only after the Leave to Supplicate has been issued. You will sign up through the Student Self Service.

Historic students: Any students who did not attend a ceremony within a year of completing their degree course will be in this category. To apply you need to contact the Development Office. Please note that spaces are very limited for degree days, so priority is given to current students. Historic students will be added where space is available, and sometimes the wait can take at least a year.

You may also choose to graduate in abstentia if you are unable to attend a ceremony. You will still be conferred, and your degree certificate will be mailed to you.

You have until 30 days before your ceremony commences to change the date, cancel, or change your status to in abstentia. Please contact the Development office to do this as soon as possible as there is usually a waitlist to attend the ceremony.


Collecting an MA Degree: Students who completed a BA or BFA may have an MA degree conferred 21 terms after their matriculation date. This is not a degree upgrade, and is conferred without a subject or class. To find out more information about receiving your MA, please contact the Development Office. The cost for this degree is £20 to be paid to the College Domestic Bursary.

Further information on Degree Conferrals can be found on the University website.


Upcoming University College Degree Dates


July 11, 11 AM

July 25, 4.30 PM

November 14, 12.30 PM



May 14, PM


Degree Ceremony

Gown Hire and Dress Code: Gown hire is organised by the Head Porter Bob Maskell who you should contact as soon as you have signed up for a ceremony. Graduands should bring their mortar boards and wear subfusc, which includes:

1. One of:

  • Dark suit with dark socks, or
  • Dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or
  • Dark trousers with dark socks

2. Dark coat if required

3. Black shoes

4. Plain white collared shirt or blouse

5. White bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie, or black ribbon

Each graduand is allotted three guest tickets to the Sheldonian ceremony. Requests for extra tickets must be made through the Development Office and is subject to availability.


Viewing your ceremony: For friends and family members who cannot attend the ceremony, the Degree Conferrals Office will stream a live broadcast of your ceremony. Please send the following link to anyone who would like to view the ceremony:


Degree fees: Degrees certificates are free of charge, unless collecting an MA. All graduands whether conferring in person or in abstentia need to pay a £5 Porter’s Vail before the ceremony. All Batells, library fines, and college reception tickets must be paid before the Degree Day. To pay any fines please contact Mrs. Angela Gardiner in the Treasury.


University and Alumni email accounts: Your University email account is set to end on the date that your Bod card expires. For DPhil students, to find out your end date contact your department after your Viva.

You are entitled to an alumnus email account, and you can set up your current University email account to forward to the alumnus email account for two months after the current one expires. To do this you must first set up the alumnus email account by visiting the alumni email registration page. You will need your alumni number to register, which you can get by filling out the online form, emailing, or calling +44(0)1865 611 610.