Correspondence on Herbert Gladstone (1854-1930) from Gilbert Murray

Herbert John Gladstone, later Viscount Gladstone (1854–1930), was the youngest son of William Gladstone, and matriculated at University College in 1872.

He followed his father into politics, and served as Home Secretary in 1905–10. In 1910–14 he served as the first Governor-General of the new Union of South Africa. Gladstone and his wife Dorothy were friendly with Gilbert Murray (1866–1957), the eminent classicist, probably through their shared work in the League of Nations, and the following letters show that, after Lord Gladstone’s death, Murray was happy to act as an intermediary between Lady Gladstone and University College.

These papers were found in the College archives during the stocktaking of summer 1993.

Catalogued in August 2004.

UC:P218/C1/1–26    19 Jul 1926–12 Dec 1936
        Letters to Gilbert Murray (and copies of some of his replies) from Herbert and Dorothy Gladstone, Sir Michael Sadler, Edgar Carritt, A. B. Poynton, and William Beveridge. Subjects covered include League of Nations matters, Lord Gladstone’s death, a plan (successful) to erect a plaque in University College in Lord Gladstone’s memory, a plan (apparently unsuccessful) for Murray to write a memoir of Lord Gladstone, and plans for Lady Gladstone to found a scholarship at University College in memory of her husband.