The Common Rooms

Univ students run the Junior Common Room and Middle Common Room (called the WCR, or Weir Common Room). Both organisations hold a series of events throughout the academic year.


All students are automatically members of the JCR. The Junior Common Room describes both the student body and the rooms where students can meet one another, read newspapers, and watch TV. The JCR is the focus for social activities for undergraduates. It occupies a large, airy room on the first floor in the main quad; tea is served there every day in term time between 4 pm and 5 pm. Coffee and soft drinks are always available; it is an ideal place to meet and have conversation, or just to read the newspapers. Above the JCR is a TV and video room.

The atmosphere in the College Bar is noisier, with a pool table, darts board and games machines. Three or four times a term the JCR organises themed bops with DJs, there are karaoke nights, bar quizzes and a wide screen TV for big sports events.

Visit the JCR website here (opens in new window.) 


Univ’s Middle Common Room (known as the Weir Common Room, or WCR) caters for the social, welfare and representative needs of the College’s graduate students. The common room provides a space for members to relax, socialise and entertain. The room has been recently refurbished, and boasts a comfortable lounge, TV/DVD/stereo equipment, a variety of newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and a fully equipped kitchen for the use of its members.

In addition to referring to the common room itself, the term WCR is also applied to the graduate student body as a whole, and in particular to the committee of students elected each year to represent this body. The WCR committee deals on behalf of graduates with the College and wider University community, runs events and functions, and strives to ensure the welfare of WCR members. Typical events run by the WCR committee include parties, theatre and orchestra trips, exchange dinners, quiz nights, as well as regular social evenings on Fridays and Sundays.

Univ is committed to offering graduate students a rich and diverse College experience. Termly guest dinners provide graduates with an opportunity to mix with senior members of the college, and the Martlets’ Society meets regularly in the Master’s Lodgings, and gives graduates a chance to present their work to their peers and to the wider College community.

Other amenities provided for graduate students at Univ include a fully equipped graduate computer room with printing and scanning facilities, access to the College’s private libraries, and access to music facilities including practice rooms and a concert piano. Graduates are warmly encouraged to participate in all the College’s sports teams, music ensembles, clubs and societies, and many graduates do so with great success.

Visit the websites WCR website here (opens in new window.) 

Listen below to Tristen Naylor, former Graduate President, talks about graduate social life at Univ.