Centres and Projects

Univ is proud to support two highly respected and well-known research projects. These projects, The Oxford Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Law and The Global Economic Governance Programme, are leaders in their respective fields of study.

The Oxford Centre for Ethics & Philosophy of Law (CEPL)

The Oxford Centre for Ethics & Philosophy of Law (CEPL) was founded in 2002 as a collaboration between the three historic “Merton Street” colleges. It exists to encourage and support advanced work in moral and legal philosophy, not only in Oxford but also nationally and internationally. The main activity of the Centre is the planning and hosting of lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences involving academic visitors to Oxford. The Centre invites its own speakers to Oxford for specific occasions, but it also facilitates academic contact with and between the many philosophers who are in Oxford at any given time under other auspices or without other affiliation. The Centre has a programme of part-funded Visiting Fellowships in collaboration with University College. Further details on the website here.

The Global Economic Governance Programme

The Global Economic Governance Programme was established in 2003 to foster research and debate into how global markets and institutions can better serve the needs of people in developing countries. We are a research programme with a core group of scholars based in Oxford and a network of academics and practitioners across developed and developing countries, co-hosted by University College and the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. Find out more on the website here.

The three core objectives of the Programme are:

  1. to conduct and foster research into international organizations and markets as well as new public-private governance regimes
  2. to create and develop a network of scholars and policy-makers working on these issues
  3. to influence debate and policy in both the public and the private sector in developed and developing countries

GEG hosts the Global Leaders Fellowship Programme which brings outstanding post-doctoral scholars from developing and emerging countries to Oxford for one year to work in GEG, followed by one year at Princeton University. Further details on the website here.

The Programme has been made possible through the generous support of Old Members of University College. Its research projects are primarily funded by the Ford Foundation and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).