Benefactors making a difference - Paul Chellgren

Paul Chellgren is an American citizen, and came up to Univ in 1966 to read Economics as a postgraduate. Recently Paul was Chairman and CEO of Ashland Inc., a global diversified energy and chemical company, until he retired in 2002. He is now an Operating Partner of Snow Phipps, a private equity firm with $1.5 billion of assets under management.

"I am pleased to support postgraduate scholarships in Economics at Univ. Oxford and our College must have the resources to attract and support the very best students on a global basis."

Paul Chellgren (1966, Economics)


Paul is a leading benefactor of the College and wished to create the newest postgraduate scholarship in Economics at Univ. The Oxford-Chellgren Scholarship in Economics is the first endowed scholarship to qualify for funding from both the University-wide matched funding programme and the Univ-specific Oxford-Radcliffe scheme.


Capitalising on two matched funding opportunities


Paul’s four-year commitment of £465,000 will trigger the University’s Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund programme and secure an additional £310,000 of funding. His pledge, together with the University’s matched funding, generates £775,000, providing permanent endowment income of £31,000 to fund a new standalone postgraduate scholarship.
Paul’s commitment not only unlocks University funding; it also qualifies under the terms of the Oxford-Radcliffe benefaction.

1. Paul's four year commitment: £465,000

2. University Matched Funding: £310,000

3. Unlocked funds from the Oxford-Radcliffe Benefaction: £232,500 


Total: £1,007,500

Once Univ has secured £2m in philanthropic commitments for postgraduate scholarships, a further £1m will be released from the anonymous benefaction. Paul’s gift will be credited with releasing a portion of these funds, as shown above.
Incorporating both of these matching mechanisms, Paul's philanthropy has the potential to be worth more than £1m to the College.