Autograph poem by Stephen Spender (1909-95)

The poet Sir Stephen Spender came up to University College in 1927. His autobiography "World within World" (1951) suggests that he did not have a very happy time at Oxford, and he never took a degree, but in 1973 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the College, and stayed in contact with it until his death.

These papers were given to the Archives in September 2002 as Accession No. 384.

Catalogued in September 2002.

UC:P197/MS1/1    1962
        MS of poem ‘The Self-Unfeigning’ by Stephen Spender (matr. 1927). The poem is typed, with a handwritten note from Spender at the bottom.

UC:P197/N1/1    Jun 1963
        Photocopy of the contents page of Gazebo, a collection of writings and illustrations edited and published by Kingswood School as a contribution to the Freedom from Hunger Campaign. Spender had been invited to contribute to this publication, and the above poem was the result.

UC:P197/N1/2    Jun 1963
        Photocopy of page 31 of the June 1963 issue of Gazebo, on which Spender’s poem is printed. This page also includes an article by Clement Attlee (matr. 1901), ‘The Prime Minister and Patronage’.