Established in 2001, Aspire businesses deliver commercial services across Oxfordshire, from grounds maintenance and property services to textile recycling and furniture up-cycling. These businesses come with ‘built-in’ social impact, creating work placements and employment opportunities for local people who face barriers to securing meaningful employment. With specialist support workers to help and guide Aspire Trainees into independent, sustainable and positive futures, this also delivers savings to the Oxfordshire taxpayer of over £1m a year, reduces re-offending rates and homelessness, promotes social inclusion, and helps people move off benefits and into work.


"Aspire has benefited significantly from a positive and proactive relationship with University College, to help develop our homeless prevention activity in Oxford." – Paul Roberts, COO (Employment & Partnerships) Aspire Oxford


Aspire and Univ

Univ is in continuing dialogue with Aspire to engage their work-ready manpower for paid work experience. The College has numerous requirements for one-off contracts for cleaning, gardening, general refurbishment, cover for maternity and for long term sickness, and Aspire has provided us with services of this nature. In one case this has resulted in Univ retaining the person that Aspire sent to us for permanent employment. Other colleges are engaged in similar interactions, but there is scope for us to build this relationship further to our mutual benefit.

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