Anthony David Machell Cox (Fellow 1939-80)

Anthony David Machell Cox (1913–94), known to all as David Cox, was an undergraduate at Hertford College, where he got a First in Modern History in 1937. He was then elected to a Fellowship at All Souls, before becoming a Fellow and Praelector in Modern History at University College from 1939 until 1980, when he retired.

Cox published very little in his lifetime, apart from several important articles in the University College Record, although his transcriptions of the College’s account rolls from 1381/2–1596/7 were edited and published in 1999 and 2001 by R. H. Darwall-Smith as Volumes 39 and 40 (new series) of the publications of the Oxford Historical Society. On the other hand, he was remembered as a much respected and loved tutor and Fellow, and he did much important work to sort and arrange the College’s archives. Outside College, he was a keen and talented mountaineer: he edited the Alpine Journal and served as President of the Alpine Club in 1971–3. In the late 1950s he developed polio, and although he managed to recover sufficiently to resume his College duties, he never quite regained his full health and had to cease active mountaineering. More information on his life can be found in University College Record Vol. XI no. 3 (1995) 25–9.

The greater part of this collection comprises notes and papers relating to Cox’s work on the College archives, including some important working papers for some of his articles published in the University College Record and elsewhere. There are also some pieces of ephemera, including an important set of early proofs for the article on University College for Volume III of the Victoria County History, and some material relating to the memorial services for Cox and his wife Geraldine, who died in 2002. There are also some other documents written by Cox which form part of the current working lists of the College archives, and are therefore not listed here.

In addition to this material, note also UC:BU1/MS/1–6, which comprise four volumes of Cox’s transcripts of the account rolls, with an additional two volumes containing his notes on the rolls, and on some seventeenth-century College accounting records.

Some of these items were found in the archives in the summer of 1993, but most were given at various times in 1993–6 before an Accession Register was begun. UC:S24/X2/4 was given to the archives by Gwynne Ovenstone, former College Secretary, in February 2003 as Accession No. 417.

Catalogued in May 2004.

This collection is divided into the following series:

UC:S24/MS1  Notes and Drafts for Articles by Cox
UC:S24/MS2  Unpublished Pieces by Cox
UC:S24/MS3  Notes compiled by Cox
UC:S24/MS4  Proofs for an Article
UC:S24/X1  Ephemera
UC:S24/X2  Material concerning the Deaths of Cox and his Wife

For the complete catalogue of Cox’s papers, a pdf version can be downloaded here.