Annual Fund

The College’s mission is to offer self-motivated students from across the globe a rigorous, nuanced, and intensive education designed to inspire them to be unafraid to be challenged and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Generations of Old Members have taken the personal growth and development which they gained in Univ’s friendly and empowering setting and put their educations to use to make meaningful contributions to the world.

To sustain and advance this special tradition of learning and scholarship the College needs the dedicated support of its Old Members. Each donation, regardless of its size, will have an impact on some aspect of our community. Just as every student shapes their own direction and learning at Univ, likewise every gift that comes from our Old Members enhances the experiences and enriches the lives of our current members and Fellows.



Please join our giving community by making your donation to Univ today.

How to make a gift

All cheques should be accompanied by a completed Gift Form (available from the Development Office) - this ensures that we direct your gift to your chosen fund and provides an opportunity to maximise your gift by allowing us to claim Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer (Gift Aid gives you an extra 25p for every £1 you donate).

Thank you very much for your support.


"I give to Univ because of the extraordinary opportunities and lasting friendships the College gave to me." - Priya Hickey (1998, PPE)


2015-16 Annual Fund

Last year, thanks to the incredible generosity of Univ's Old Members and Friends worldwide:

 We surpassed the target of 35% participation for the 2014/15 Annual Fund. This means that more Old Members than ever before gave to Univ

 We raised over £1.1 million for the second year running, raising funds that will support vital initiatives at Univ, including the Student Support awards, schools liaison and access, undergraduate and graduate scholarships, the tutorial system, fellowships and research, maintaining our historic buildings and providing facilities that will ensure that Univ continues to thrive in the 21st Century

We are grateful to all of our donors for the loyalty and generosity they have shown to the College.