1966 Golden Anniversary Reunion

The Class of 1966 celebrated their Golden Anniversary Reunion in College on 10 and 11 September 2016.


Alan Franks (1966, English) has kindly provided this report:

Univ has long had a reputation as a college of considerable academic breadth. On the admittedly unreliable  evidence of September 10th, the wish to return is more pronounced among science and humanities graduates than among their classics and arts contemporaries. At the top was chemistry, boasting six alumni; sharing bottom place with music was English, with one – me.

Considering Philip Larkin’s observation about our not being suited to the long perspectives, the weekend was a heartening one, with these products of the twentieth century’s allegedly most libertine decade now voyaging into the upper reaches of their own Sixties and beyond.

The most enthusiastic of the weekenders could opt for Saturday lunch at the Turl Street Kitchen, an afternoon tour of the Ashmolean, evening drinks in the Fellows’ Garden, dinner in Hall; Sunday breakfast, chapel service, college tour with development director William Roth, group photograph and barbecue lunch in the Master’s Garden. Then back, for some, to the long vacation of at least semi-retirement, alarmed by the disappearance of half a century since the final whistle of England’s World Cup summer and the closure of their gap year.

At the dinner in Hall on Saturday evening there was inevitable speculation as to whether Bill Clinton would next year join his peers here for the 1968 intake’s Golden Reunion, whether as First Gentleman or plain former President. His fellow American and Boston College law professor Daniel Coquillette reminded diners of the time when, in June 1994, the then President and his wife came to Oxford to collect an honorary doctorate from the university. Clinton set time aside to visit Univ’s legendary head porter Douglas Millin, whom the young Rhodes Scholar had befriended twenty-seven years before.

Coquillette told his listeners of an earlier visit, when Clinton’s proud announcement that he had become governor of Arkansas was greeted with the response: 'Isn’t that a bit like running a country with two men and a dog?' He did not speculate on what the late, profaning, popular Cerberus of the Lodge might have said about the imminent U.S. elections.


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