1965 Memories

Below is a collection of memories by 1965s. If you have any to contribute, please email the Univ Development Office (development@univ.ox.ac.uk). 

At my acceptance interview being told that my Latin translation “was a wonderful story………..which, sadly, bore little resemblance to the original text”

Singing and playing “Leaving on a jetplane” and “Pretty flamingo” guitar duets from our room over the JCR with roommate Chris Stiven.

Hosting “War on Want “ lunches and toasting crumpets over the gas fire in that same room.

Tutorials with the ever-patient Prof Robert Beckinsale.

Being sconced and re-sconced, possibly by Bruce Kerr (surely not, maybe someone will own up ?) - I think for being inappropriately attired for dinner.

In the last summer, stroke of the “Frigeight” - three bumps; Presiding the Ball Committee; hearing on the beer cellar steps of the shooting of Sen Bobby Kennedy; and Finals.

Having to admit to Lady Maude that I had read neither Freud nor Jung.