1965 Biographies
Frank Booth
After finally graduating from Osler House (alas no more), Frank did house jobs with “Flash” Davis at Hereford County Hospital and Lee & Ledingham at the Radcliffe Infirmary. Next he did an eighteen months trauma fellowship at the Maryland institute of Emergency Medicine in Baltimore Maryland – which claims to be the first dedicated trauma center in the US. In 1975 it was staffed largely by expatriate Brits as American surgery did not yet recognize trauma as a specialty. Frank then did four years of surgical residency at Union Memorial Hospital Followed by a position as Director of SICU at Johns Hopkins with appointments in Anaesthesia and Surgery. During that time he was Captain of the Baltimore Rugby club. He then spent nineteen years as division chief of Surgical Critical Care at the State University of New York, followed by twelve years in drug development with Lilly & Novo Nordisk. Finally I have a brief stint as Chief Medical Officer at a biotech start-up.
Now, semi-retired in Houston Texas, Frank travels to Indiana from time to time doing at-home medical evaluations of senior citizens for Medicare. He has been seeing quite a fantastic collection of pathology, as well as some amazing nonagenarians on no medications whatever! He ran his first Marathon at age 64. He has been married 38 years to the lovely Kathryn Meyer (now Booth), a trauma nurse whom he met at MIEMS. They have two children, both rowers.
John Forge
My family went to live in the US in 1966 and I went with them, quite willingly. I finished my degree at Cornell, which was an interesting place to be in the sixties, and which I liked a lot. I then went to Montreal to do a Dip. Ed. - there was some chance, probably very remote, that I might be eligible for the draft if I staying in the US, even though I was not a citizen. At McGill, where I enrolled, I did a course in philosophy of science and discovered that is what I wanted to, so, on returning to the UK in 1971, I did an MA and PhD in philosophy at London, the latter at the ‘other’ University College. I went to Australia for a holiday in 1974 and have lived here ever since.
I lived in Sydney at Wollongong until 1984, working in departments of History and Philosophy of Science at local universities. My daughter Sarah was born in 1978. I moved to Brisbane to work there, which was a mistake: I never really settled there, and it’s just too hot. I managed to leave by retiring from full-time university work in 2002, and I went back to live in the house I’d bought in Sydney in 1980. I did some part-time teaching, and concentrated on my work on science and moral responsibility and on the morality of weapons research. I’ve written three books on these topics, and a couple of others on philosophy of science, and lots of academic papers. I now live by the harbour in Sydney with my wife Kay and two cats, and enjoy swimming in an outdoor pool under the harbour bridge.