1965 Appeal

One important element of each reunion year is the Golden Anniversary Appeal, which helps the College raise funds for vital initiatives. The 1965 Committee want to take a prominent role in helping Univ raise funds for current and prospective students by making a class gift of £100,000 to Univ. The Committee are taking the unique approach of establishing a lasting legacy for the College under the 1965 “brand name”. They have settled on two inspirational and progressive new areas of support, strongly backed by the Master and College, and therefore propose to establish under the 1965 banner: the 1965 Access Fund and the 1965 Project Fund.


The 1965 Access Fund

The College has for several years made a concerted effort to advance outreach efforts to recruit students from non-traditional or underrepresented backgrounds or areas of the UK. These activities involve the development of numerous College Open Days, a vigorous student ambassador programme to assist prospective student visitors, the creation of an award winning alternative prospectus aimed directly at young applicants, and the development of a College-supported website www.staircase12.org, which supplies interested students and their families with vital tidbits and insightful videos focusing on life in College and the role of the tutorial in our learning community. In addition, Univ hosts external roadshows where current members visit select high schools to promote the College directly to teachers and counsellors. 

These extensive efforts to engage students and teachers involve expenses. For example, the cost of roadshows and College videos are approximately £1,000 - £2,000. To make our Golden Anniversary contribution count we have set up the 1965 Access Fund with a target of £50,000. This would produce an endowment of £2,000 per year, which would bolster the College's Access work and allow us to expand our arsenal of creative approaches to engage prospective students. This way, Univ can continue to attract the best and brightest students from across the UK.


The 1965 Project Fund

This is a new venture, established by the current Master of the College, to offer merit based grants to undergraduates who require funds to travel to conferences or to centres outside Univ to further their academic research. Unlike existing College travel grants these funds are specifically designed to reward academic endeavour and achievement. 

The Master has set aside nearly £10,000 of spend-down monies from his discretionary account to offer grants ranging from £500 - £2,500 to applicants. We aim to raise a further £50,000 to provide an additional endowment of £2,000 per year to support this initiative. These funds would support the research trips of two students per year. 


How to Give 

or telephone Ruth Lindley (Annual Fund Manager and Golden Anniversary Coordinator) on 01865 286208.