1965 Matriculation Photo
The 1965 Golden Anniversary

It was something of an awakening to be reminded by the College that 50 years have passed since we first came up to Univ, and even more of one when we met with the 1964 alumni and heard how they had celebrated their own Golden Anniversary. The 60's generation thrive on challenge! We had a typically enthusiastic response from those who were asked if they would join a committee to organise a suitably fun event to mark the anniversary; and here we are, five months into the campaign. It seemed hard to imagine that we could contact our Year after such a period of time, and we could not have done so without enormous help from the Univ Development office, but we are now very much in touch and our three day reunion is taking shape. What is more, while we are aiming above all else to reunite friends with each other and the College, we already have an extraordinarily generous response to our request for funds that will also let us establish a lasting mark of thanks to the College from the 1965's.

-Mick Green, 1965 Committee Chairman


Welcome back to Univ!

Welcome back to Univ, 1965s! It is the big year of your Golden Anniversary, and this is your chance to reconnect and celebrate the fifty years since matriculation. Throughout the year you can expect a series of events starting with friendly phone calls to invite support for the appeal, and culminating in your major Golden Reunion Event at Univ from the 25th – 27th September. On this webpage you will find all of the important information about you year group events, the fundraising appeal, and memorabilia from your time at Univ. If you have any photos, memorabilia, memories to share, or suggestions for the Reunion event, then please email us: development@univ.ox.ac.uk.

-Development Office Team, University College


To find out more about the event or to make a donation, please contact the Annual Fund Manager Ruth Lindley by email (ruth.lindley@univ.ox.ac.uk) or call 01865 286208.