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Our development in North Oxford represents the most significant expansion of the College’s footprint since the 18th century.

Working together we can deliver an exceptional model of environmentally responsible planning and construction that will result in a second fully-fledged collegiate community. As ever, Univ is proud to be pushing the boundaries of what is thought possible for an Oxford college.

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“This project speaks to three of Univ’s core strengths-continuity, community and change. It looks forward in a way which builds on Univ’s history whilst seeking to transform its future. I am delighted to support it and hope that you will too.” – Baroness Amos, Master of University College

“We are embarking on a transformational project – the greatest expansion of the College since the construction of the Main Quad in the 17th century and the creation of a new way of college living adapted for the 21st century. It is the critical next chapter in Univ’s history. Now, as before, we turn to the College’s tradition of generous benefactions to realise our ambitions.” – Sir Ivor Crewe, 
Master of University College 2008-2020

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