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The College’s mission is to offer self-motivated students from across the globe a rigorous, nuanced, and intensive education designed to inspire them to be unafraid to be challenged and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Generations of Old Members have taken the personal growth and development gained in Univ’s friendly and empowering setting and put it to use by making a meaningful contribution to the world.

To sustain and advance this special tradition of learning and scholarship the College needs the dedicated support of its Old Members. Each donation, regardless of its size, will have an impact on some aspect of our community. Just as every student shapes their own direction and learning at Univ, likewise every gift that comes from our Old Members enhances the experiences and enriches the lives of our current members and Fellows.

Supporting Univ

Gifts to Univ can be directed to an area of College that matters most to you, usually within one of three areas: supporting people, supporting Univ’s programmes or enhancing facilities. These donations enable us to continue to produce transformational work and to continue to attract and nurture the very best students, regardless of their financial background.

For past fundraising campaigns, see Your Impact; to give to the College, see Making a Gift. To find out more about our current fundraising efforts, please see below.

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