Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins

Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science; Associate Professor of Engineering Science; Dean

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At Univ I have taught Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Electronics to First year students for almost twenty years. This wealth of experience means that I understand the topics that students might find difficult and how they can be explained in different ways. Since these topics represent half the first year course I can also ensure that the students understand the links between different parts of the course.

In the Department of Engineering Science I have given lectures throughout the course on Electronics, Semiconductor Devices and Microelectronics. I also tutor the third year optional course in semiconductor devices and supervise final year projects related to either my current research or developing research interests.

In the Department I have also chaired the team that organised the teaching of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and been an examiner for both the First Year and Finals. For the past few years I have been the Admission Co-ordinator for Engineering Science. In this role I ensure the smooth running of the admissions process that all Engineering Science tutors have agreed to use, I propose improvements to this process and give advice to colleagues and applicants.


I work in the areas of electronics and microelectronics, usually applied to the detection of light. For several years I have been working on techniques to increase the dynamic range of pixel in digital cameras whilst correcting for variations between individual pixels. More recently I have developed detectors that can detect single photons and used these detectors in receivers for visible light communications (VLC) systems that will be needed to replace WiFi when it runs out of capacity.  Recently, my research has diversified to include a new way of concentrating light to improve the sensitivity of VLC receivers. My current research is focussed upon combining these techniques to make the world’s best VLC receivers. I also plan to use the same methods to detect contamination in a wide range of situations including treated waste water and food preparation.

Selected Publications

Rahmat Mulyawan et al. “MIMO visible light communications using a wide field-of-view fluorescent concentrator.” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 29.3 (2017): 306-309.

Pavlos Manousiadis, Sujan Rajbhandari, Rahmat Mulyawan, Dimali A. Vithanage, Hyunchae Chun, Grahame Faulkner, Dominic C. O’Brien, Graham A. Turnbull, Stephen Collins, and Ifor DW Samuel. “Wide field-of-view fluorescent antenna for visible light communications beyond the étendue limit.” Optica 3, no. 7 (2016): 702-706.

Danial Chitnis and Steve Collins. “A SPAD-based photon detecting system for optical communications.” Journal of Lightwave Technology 32.10 (2014): 2028-2034.

Steve Collins, Dominic C. O’Brien, and Andrew Watt. “High gain, wide field of view concentrator for optical communications.” Optics Letters 39.7 (2014): 1756-1759.

Dipayan Das and Steve Collins. “Fixed-pattern-noise correction for an integrating wide-dynamic-range CMOS image sensor.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 60.1 (2013): 314-319.

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