Sir Ivor Crewe

Sir Ivor Crewe

Master of University College, Oxford


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My broad interest is British politics. Most of my research has concentrated on voting, electoral systems, parties and public opinion in the UK. Recently I have switched my focus to the quality of government in the UK and to the politics of higher education. In 2013 I published (with Professor Anthony King of the University of Essex) The Blunders of our Governments, a study of the causes and consequences of major domestic policy failures incurred by UK governments between 1980 to 2010. The electoral dramas in the UK, US and Western Europe of the past two years have revived my research interest in the changing social and ideological bases of voters’ preferences and parties.

Selected Publications

Social Survey of the Civil Service (HMSO, 1969) [with A.H.Halsey]

Decade of Dealignment (Cambridge University Press, 1983) [with Bo Sarlvik]

British Parliamentary Constituencies (Faber, 1984) [with Anthony Fox]

The British Electorate 1963-1987 (Cambridge University Press, 1991) [with Anthony Fox and Neil Day]

SDP: The Social and Democratic Party 1981-1987 (Oxford University Press, 1995) [with Anthony King] – winner of W.J.M.McKenzie prize.

The New British Politics (Pearson Education) [with Ian Budge, David McKay and Kenneth Newton], 3rd edition, 2003 (1st edition, 1998; 2nd edition, 2001).

The Blunders of our Governments [with Anthony King] (OneWorld, 2013, revised edition 2014) – winner of the Paddy Power award for Practical Politics Book of the Year, 2014.

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