Rhys Evans

Rhys Evans

Reader, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics; Stipendiary College Lecturer

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My teaching responsibilities include:

University College tutorials (biochemistry; metabolism): medicine; biomedical science; biochemistry students

Keble College tutorials (biochemistry; metabolism): medicine; biomedical science students

Departmental Lecturer: metabolic biochemistry: medicine; graduate-entry medicine; biomedical science; biochemistry students

DPhil supervisor

BM Part II examiner


My research areas are:

Myocardial lipid (VLDL; chylomicron) metabolism

Ketone body utilisation and metabolism

Diabetic metabolic dysregulation and lipoprotein lipase dynamics

Selected Publications

Varying degrees of ventricular unloading in the heterotopic rat heart transplant model demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging. C.A. Carr, D. Ball, D.J. Tyler, A. Bushell, A. Sykes, K. Clarke & R.D. Evans. International Journal of Biomedical Science (2014) 12 100-105.

Changes to both cardiac metabolism and performance accompany acute reductions in functional capillary supply. D. Hauton, J. Winter, A.A. Al-Shammari, E.A. Gaffney, R.D. Evans, S. Egginton. Biochimica et Biohysica Acta (2015) 1850 681-690.

On the pivotal role of PPARα in adaptation of the heart to hypoxia and why fat in the diet increases hypoxic injury. M.A. Cole, A.H. Abd Jamil, L.C. Heather, A.J. Murray, E.R. Sutton, M. Slingo, L. Sebag-Montefiore, S.C. Tan, D. Aksentijevic, O.S. Gildea, D.J. Stuckey, K.K. Yeoh, C.A. Carr, R.D. Evans, E. Aasum, C.J. Schofield, P.J. Ratcliffe, S. Neubauer, P.A. Robbins & K. Clarke. FASEB J. 30 (2016) 2684-2697.

Metabolic pathways and abnormalities. R.D. Evans & L.C. Heather. Surgery (2016) 34 (6) 266-272.

The role of triacylglycerol in cardiac energy provision. R.D. Evans & D. Hauton. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2016) 1861 1481-1491.

Nutritional ketosis alters fuel preference and therby endurance performance in athletes. P.J. Cox, T. Kirk, T. Ashmore, K. Willerton, R.D. Evans, A. Smith, A.J. Murray, B. Stubbs, J. West, S.W. McLure, M.T. King, M. Dodd, C. Holloway, S. Neubauer, S. Drawer, R.L. Veech, J.L. Griffin & K. Clarke. Cell Metabolism (2016) 24 256-268.

Myocardial triacylglycerol metabolism: the role of “competition” between different substrates. D. Hauton & R.D. Evans. Annals of Clinical and Experimental Metabolism (2016) 1 1011-1019.

Inhibition of sarcolemmal FAT/CD36 rapidly corrects metabolism and restores function in the diabetic heart. L. Mansor, M. Fialho, G. Yea, W. Coumans, J. West, C.A. Carr, J. Luiken, J. Glatz, R.D. Evans, D. Tyler, K, Clarke & L.C. Heather. Circulation Research (2017) 113 737-748

Chapters – “Cardiac myocytes and the cardiac action potential” “Clinical physiology of the normal heart” in: Oxford Textbook of Medicine: Cardiology. Oxford University Press 2nd edition (2016)

Chapter – “Nutrition: macronutrient metabolism” K.N. Frayn & R.D. Evans  in: Oxford Textbook of Medicine (eds. Firth, J., Conlon, C. & Cox T.) Oxford University Press 6th edition (2016)

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