Panayiotis Christoforou

Panayiotis Christoforou

Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History


I can teach and have taught most of the ancient history papers that are part of the Classics, Ancient and Modern History, and Classical Archaeology degrees.


My work and research interests focus on Roman history in the imperial period, specifically on the reception of the Roman emperor’s power and position from the perspective of his subjects, and broadly on the social and cultural history of the Roman empire. I am currently working on articles that explore the description of the emperor’s power in Tacitus, the comparison of emperors in Philo, and the connection of miracles and wonders to an emperor’s duties.

Selected Publications

‘If He is Worthy: Interactions Between Crowds and Emperors in Plutarch and Tacitus’ Accounts of A.D. 69’ Rosetta 21 (2017) 1-16

‘The Roman Emperor as a Place of Pilgrimage’ in T. M.  Kristensen and A. Collar (eds) (2021) Comparativism and the Study of Ancient Mediterranean Pilgrimage (Aarhus).

‘A Character Truly Imperial: Images of Emperors in Philo’s Legatio ad Gaium’ Histora (under review)

’Seizing the Acropolis: the politics of historical memory in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata’ CQ (under review)

‘Vis Principatus: Tacitus’ conception of the power of the emperor’ CCJ (under review)

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