Karolina Milewicz

Karolina Milewicz

Tutorial Fellow in International Relations; Professor of International Relations


I teach International Relations to Univ undergraduates, and International Political Economy and Research Design & Methods courses to graduate students in the Department of Politics and International Relations. My teaching aims at helping students to develop strong theoretical and analytic skills and to learn how to evaluate arguments in light of the empirical evidence. I believe that good theory is an essential guide to understanding international politics and that a sound methodological training is essential for the creation of robust social scientific conclusions.


My research focuses on the role of international law and institutions in promoting international cooperation from both a theoretical as well as an empirical perspective. I am interested in issues related to multilateralism, treaty making, deliberative democracy, and preferential trade. One strand of my research is concerned with the normative aspects of deliberation and how it can contribute to more democratic global governance. Another significant part of my work investigates empirically the conditions under which states adopt treaties to promote cooperation. An important question that arises from this work is how this growing legalized cooperation culminates in a de facto “constitutionalization” of the international order.

Selected Publications

Constitutionalizing World Politics: The Logic of Democratic Power and the Unintended Consequences of International Treaty Making. Cambridge University Press.

Peacock, Claire, Karolina Milewicz and Duncan Snidal. Forthcoming. Boilerplate in International Trade Agreements. International Studies Quarterly.

Milewicz, Karolina, James Hollway, Claire Peacock and Duncan Snidal. 2018. Beyond Trade: The Expanding Scope of the Non-trade Agenda in Trade Agreements. Journal of Conflict Resolution 62(4):743-773.

Milewicz, Karolina and Robert E. Goodin 2018. Deliberative Capacity Building through International Organizations: The Case of the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights. British Journal of Political Science 48(2):513-533.

Hugh-Jones, David, Karolina Milewicz and Hugh Ward. 2018. Signaling by Signature: The Weight of International Opinion and Ratification of Treaties by Domestic Veto Players. Political Science Research & Methods 6(1):15-31.

Elsig, Manfred and Karolina Milewicz. 2017. The Politics of Treaty Signature: The Role of Diplomats and Ties that Bind. International Negotiation 22(3):521-543.

Milewicz, Karolina and Duncan Snidal. 2016. Cooperation by Treaty: The Role of Multilateral Powers. International Organization 70(4):823-844.

Milewicz, Karolina and Manfred Elsig. 2014. The Hidden World of Multilateralism? Treaty Commitments of Newly Democratized States in Europe. International Studies Quarterly 58 (2): 322–335.

Dryzek, John, André Bchtiger and Karolina Milewicz. 2011. Toward a Deliberative Global Citizens Assembly. Global Policy 2 (1): 33-42.

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