Frank Arntzenius

Frank Arntzenius

Supernumerary Fellow in Philosophy; Professor of Philosophy


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I teach undergraduate courses in: general philosophy, knowledge and reality, logic, philosophy of mathematics, decision theory, philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of language, ethics, philosophy of the environment Graduate courses: philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, decision theory, metaphysics, probability theory.


My research interests used to be Philosophy of Physics, Decision Theory, Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics. Recently I have become interested in Ethics and Political Philosophy.

Selected Publications

Space, Time and Stuff, Oxford University Press, January 2012. Papers Common causes and physics, Synthese 82 (1990), pp 77-96.

Causal paradoxes in special relativity, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 41 (1990), pp 223-243.

Kochen’s interpretation of quantum mechanics, Proceedings of the 1990 Philosophy of Science Association Conference Vol 1 (1990), pp 241-249.

State-spaces and meaning relations among predicates, Topoi 10 (1991), pp 35-42.

Apparatus independence in proofs of non-locality, Foundations of Physics Letters Vol 5 No 6 (1992), pp 517-525.

The common cause principle, Proceedings of the 1992 Philosophy of Science Association conference Vol 2 (1993), pp 227-237.

Electromagnetic arrows of time, in T. Horowitz & A. Janis (eds.): Scientific Failure (1993, Rowman & Littlefield Savage, Maryland), pp 29-48.

How to discover that the Real is Unreal, Erkenntnis 38 (1993), pp 191-202.

Space-like connections, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 45 (1994), pp 201-217. Relativistic hidden variable theories?, Erkenntnis 41 (1994), pp 207-231.

Indeterminism and the direction of time, Topoi 14 (1995), pp 67-81.

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