Chris de L’isle

Chris de L’isle

Supernumerary Fellow and College Lecturer in Ancient History; British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow


Mods/Prelims: Texts & Contexts; Aristocracy & Democracy in the Greek World (550 to 450 BC); Thucydides & the West; Aristophanes’ Political Comedies
Greats: Greek History I (650 BC to 479 BC); Greek History II (479 BC to 403 BC); Greek History III (403 BC to 336 BC); Athenian Democracy in the Classical Age; Alexander and his Early Successors (336 BC to 302 BC); Hellenistic World (c. 300-100 BC)


Currently, I am researching Sicily’s political, economic, and ideological interactions with the wider Mediterranean world from c.800-100 BC. My DPhil thesis, soon to appear as a book in OUP’s Oxford Classical Monographs series, focused on King Agathokles of Syracuse as a window into the development of tyranny and kingship in Sicily at the beginning of the Hellenistic period.

I also work on the epigraphy of ancient Athens, with two pieces forthcoming on the Attic inscriptions in the Ashmolean Museum and on the ephebate (the system of youth training) in Roman Athens.

Selected Publications

“The Coinage of Agathokles of Syracuse: Sicilian and Hellenistic Influences.” Numismatic Chronicle 177 (2017): 1-20.
“The Punic Wars” in C. Lopez-Ruiz & B.R. Doak (ed.) Companion to the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean. OUP (2018)

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