Univ John Gardner
Professorial Fellow; Keeper of the Statutes; Holder of the Chair of Jurisprudence.

Further information

John Gardner


I don't teach for the College; I teach on a number of graduate courses in the Law Faculty and Philosophy Faculty; I also supervise many research students.



I am a philosopher of law who works on a wide range of topics across criminal law, private law and public law, as well as on the general theory of law. My interests also extend out into moral and political philosophy more widely. I stand for the view that thinking about the law's problems is continuous with thinking about the problems we all face in ordinary life; there is no dramatic divide between personal ethics and political, professional, or institutional ethics.


Articles & publications

Law as a Leap of Faith: Essays on Law in General (OUP 2012)
Offences and Defences: Selected Essays in the Philosophy of Criminal Law (OUP 2007)

Some recent articles
'Can There Be a Written Constitution?' (2011) 1 Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law 162
'Desert and Avoidability in Self-Defense' (2011) 122 Ethics 111
'What is Tort Law For? Part 1: The Place of Corrective Justice' (2011) 30 Law and Philosophy 1